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    Hello, I'm a newbie at homeschooling. I was dissatisfied with the quality of teaching at my daughter's school in Chicago. It also wasn't a safe environment, and my daughter who is not aggressive would occasionally get into a fights. (She handled herself well, but who wants their kid to have to focus on self defense? They should be focused on learning!) At the beginning of this school year we have been going it alone, and so far she's been doing well. However, I felt we needed to be sure we were working on grade level appropriate work, and since I've never been a teacher, I thought we needed a more structured system. This looked like a great resource and I'm excited to get started!

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    I to am just starting out my daughter is in 5th grade but can't do fifth grade work. this system is going to work out because of the way you can teach at different levels.

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    Default Daughter is begging me to start homeschooling her!

    My 8 year old daughter has been begging me to homeschool her for several months now. I've given her this option in the past, which is how she knows about it. I've never home schooled before and also have a 7 year old son who I believe should stay at the charter school they currently go to. I'm willing to homeschool her, but I will admit that I am intimidated and scared! What if she misses school and wants to go back? With our school, there is no guarantee that she will be able to get back in. I cannot seem to find any local support groups, but I do know one or two people who do homeschool. Can anyone give me advice on where to begin, how to find local groups and what books have been the most helpful in getting started? I'm mostly concerned about her socialization. Where will she make friends? She is so desperate for friends and tells me that the girls at her school all "hate" her, no one wants to sit with her at lunch and our school is 20 minutes away! Honestly, it doesn't sound like she'd be any worse off! I've seen her play with the friends she does have and I really don't see any behavioral problems from her. She's sweet, incredibly generous, not bossy, fun and funny. I just don't get it. I'm going to volunteer at her school during her lunch period to see for myself what is going on. In the meantime, I'm going to pursue homeschooling. I've been feeling called to this for some time now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    My son is 9 & in 4th grade. This was his 1st year being homeschooled. I like th eonline curriculum but now I went to Barnes & noble and bought his some books for him to do to give him a break and different approach to learning. As far as your child having a social life, if she made a friend at aschool even if it is one, keep in touch with the parents to make a playdate. Also, sign your child up for activities as the park district so that she/he can be involved with other kids at the same age. The library also has activities and then during the summer do summer camps where it is anywhere from 1-5 days 1/2 day to a full day to get them out of the house. There are ways around it. Also FYI there is no specific "instruction" that you must give your child as far as a curriculum. A day spent at the science n industry can be a day at school(you taught science). I'm sure you can use your imagination from there. Have them do a research assignment online about the first president nd right a paragraph to 1 page (now you taught social studies). You can be very creative in teaching. Also veery important if you live in Illinois you must account for 176 days of attendance of your child being taught! Also if it is during normal school hours and your child is riding his/her bike for a short while to take a break & you are questioned, remember that your child is having either recess or PE.

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