Kind of new to T4L.... looking of others
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    Default Kind of new to T4L.... looking of others

    Hello everyone,
    I am a parent homeschooling two children. I have a 14 year old high school girl and a 8 year old 3rd grade son. I live on the south side of Chicago, but willing to travel to groups to get more interaction with my children. We are attending the park district for different activities, but I do not think this is enough. They need daily interaction with children their own age. I would like to know if there are any other parents that would like to collaborate or have other groups that can help my children.

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    Hi! I don't live in Chicago, but I thought I would give you a couple of links I found through Google for support groups in Chicago.
    Illinois - Homeschooling Support Groups & Co-ops | Homeschool | Home EDucators Resource Directory | HERD
    Homeschool World: Illinois Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups

    Does your high schooler use Time4Learning as her curriculum? If she does, Time4Friends is a good place for her to meet other homeschoolers her age. It's only for homeschoolers who use Time4Learning as their curriculum and she has to be given permission by her parent to access the site. It's monitored by adults, too. So it's safe. You may also be interested in Let's Homeschool High School, which is a good source of information for homeschooling high school. There's a forum there for teens, too.
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