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    hello everybody and thanks for the people who built this forum
    here my dilemma: i'm a mom of three kids the oldest is going to be 6 next year i have kind of homeschooling him since he was 3 i did teach him few things , but i always feel that maybe i'm not giving him much and have the fear not preparing him academically because the language English that myself i learnt when i came to USA sometimes i fear that i'm not giving him the right pronunciation
    so i thought about having him in homeschooling but through a teacher under a school but when i searched i learnt about public school online unfortunately it's not available in our area (we live in Illinois out Chicago in suburb) , looked for those private online school found out the tuition is some how we can't actually afford it( in the international connection academy the tuition for a preschooler is almost 5000 dollars a year)
    please any help , ideas, advises how can keep my kid homeschooling but using a teacher but i ll be there to supervise him
    i hope i was clear enough to be understood

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    Hi Racha! Time4Learning doesn't have a teacher (the parent is the teacher of record), but it's very instructional, with animated and interactive lessons, and some pre-recorded videos with actual teachers/instructors. Many parents use the curriculum, very successfully, without having any teaching experience.

    You can always try T4L and see how it goes for you and your son. You don't have to pay for a whole year up front or anything, you simply pay month by month, for the months you use it.
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