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    Good Morning Everyone! I am new to homeschooling I am starting with my oldest son who is 9. We are located in Decatur IL and pulled him out of the public school because of the bullying and be threatened continuously to the point he was terrified to go to school. I am single mom but I work from home so I decided that enough is enough so here we are. My younger one is a special needs kid and seeing if this home schooling thing works for us if does I will be pulling him out too. Does anyone know of home schooling groups in the decatur/springfield/Champagin area? I think he needs to social too. By the way my name is Kim. Any advice or suggestion are always welcomed. Also if you are close by let me know would love to connect with other mom's in my area.

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    Default Some suggestions for socializing

    I recently pulled my son out of school also. I am not in your area, but I am new to homeschooling too. We placed our son in cub scouts and he loves it, you may want to look into that for socializing. If you would like to become pen/email pals, my email is [email protected], I live near Peoria, IL. There aren't any "home school groups" in my area.

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