New to this site & New to Homeschooling...Anyone near Melrose Park/Oak Park?
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    Question New to this site & New to Homeschooling...Anyone near Melrose Park/Oak Park?

    Hi Everyone!!! I am soooooooooooo excited I found this site and I'm sooooooooooooo nervous about this whole home schooling thing! I've been wanting to homeschool since my first born was in Kindergarten but to give him a fair opportunity I put him in a pre-school and he just fell totally in love with the whole school/socializing thing that I couldn't break his heart. He would say, "okay mami, today I go to school and tomorrow I stay at home in your school!" except he would say that EVERY DAY!!!

    So, I'm a bit lost and a lot scared! Not sure where to begin but I'll tell you all that I just pulled my 2 kids from their public school (2nd grade and Kindergarten) what? Yes I'm scared! I was very frustrated with the school system before but this year it got worse now that the school district has gotten rid of the good teachers to replace them with other teachers from the school's with significantly lower ISAT scores. The worst part about it is that my son's teacher doesn't really care at all to be there and we can all tell! The kids have changed their mentality from the "I'm excited about school and I have to do my homework well to get a good grade" to "I don't care, she doesn't even look at my answers". It's absolutely terrible! Also, the teacher is working on her MA and that's all she cares about and she was sure to let us parents know!!! She gives the kids a pile of homework on Monday and Tuesday and a lesser amount on Wednesday but hardly anything on Thursday and Friday....why??? because since she goes to school on Wednesday nights she needs to have the rest of the week and weekend free for her to do her homework. She cannot bring any homework from our kids home!!! No!!! That would be too much work for her; according to the teacher herself!.............Enough about her!!!!

    Can someone share some ideas, suggestions, tips, personal experiences, advice, etc.... anything!!!

    I have read some books on teaching Montessori in the home and about homeschooling in the home but reading a book is not like listening to people's experiences directly. I'd like to get different perspectives and suggestions. How should I plan my day, what has worked for you and your family? It must be tough because besides school and homework we still have to get cleaning and laundry and dinner and everything else in between done so this is why I need help.

    Thanks to all of you who took the time out of your busy schedule to help another mother in need!!! I truly appreciate it.

    -Mrs. Mom (Mariana)

    P.S. Are there any homeschooling groups in or near Melrose Park or Oak Park?

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    Default a little about our experience...

    Hi there...

    We are new to this program, but have been homeschooling for 6 years. I have 6 children (11 yrs, 10 y rs, 6y rs, 5 yrs, 19 months and 5 months). We school the 4 oldest. We have tried quite a few different programs, co-ops and schedules. What I have found is that each child has different learning styles and needs and some days are better than others. For our family, we like to keep things flexible. Sometimes we just need a break so we go to the zoo. There are tons of learning opportunities there! Even a day baking at home can be full of science, math and reading lessons. Learning hands on is always fun and easier for children to apply later in life. I struggle to accept that sitting at a desk hours a day is the most beneficial thing for my kids. Also, with having the babies and all the needs that come with young ones, we have to be flexible. Sometimes the dentist takes all morning so we skip that day and work on Saturday instead. Also we usuall work for 5 - 6 weeks and then take a week off. It allows for a break to catch up on houshold things, plan the upcoming lessons and sometimes just spend some quality time with the kids. We dont observe the standars public school schedule either. We take off holidays as we see fit, or sometimes it's nice to have them busy while I cook and clean for guests coming over later.

    Also, I have had several times where the season Jof life I was in just did not allow for much schooling... bed rest during pregnancies, children in the hospital, getting ready to move, recovering from surgeries, etc.... I was panicked the first few times that they were "missing out" or "falling behind." I quickly realized thats when my children learned some of the most important lessons... how to help care for younger siblings, doing laundry, cleaning cooking and even better things like patience, compassion for others in their times of need, being a productive member of our family. I also got creative and found other ways during those times to sneak in learning. Just writing letters to family (penmanship, grammar, spelling) can be a "lesson."

    Well, before I keep rambling I will just end instead with encouraging you to know that if you are invested enough in your children to homeschool, it is likely you wont go wrog. Be patient with them and yourself and dont try to meet someone elses standards. They are YOUR children, so YOU know best!

    Hope this helped, enjoy your schooling!

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