Please help!!!!!!!
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    Default Please help!!!!!!!

    I am in Danville and am trying to read all I can about homeschooling. Any ideas or suggestions on what I need to do in order to get started. I seen the letter I need to write, but where do I get the work and such? Any help would be appreciated. My children are constantly getting bullied at school and I need to get them pulled out ASAP...

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    First off, you need to have one letter per child, and there is another letter you'll need, and that is on the same site, it is the LEGAL form that you need that is given to the school, and then to the district. You need to make a formal request for your children's records. I made copies of all, and put them in my sons file box. You need to think of a name for your "Private" school, that has to be put on the 2nd letter. Second, if you have Facebook, you can type Homeschooling into the search bar, and you will be amazed at all the sites. Some offer free curriculum, others give you awesome ideas to use, and there are some about Unschooling, and explain how you can incorporate that into the realm also.

    Lots, and lots of reading needs to be done on your part. Time4learning is awesome for Pre-K through 8th. Hopefully they will have High School level soon, I know a lot of parents have asked for it. My son is in 8th right now, and I'm still studying up on High School curriculum's that I could use, if time4learning doesn't incorporate it. I use the internet for Geography, Social Studies, and Health. You can also go to, they have tons of free eBooks. If you do not have a Kindle, you can download the free computer version off Amazon; they have tons of homeschool text books that can be downloaded.

    Hope this gets you started, and is a help for you. Best of luck!!

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