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    I can't seem to get an average grade score on this site for the classes my son took. Anyone else know where to get this. Seems like it would be a standard feature here. I can review the scores he got and tally them up and divide...but there should be an easier way.

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    Unregistered, I just saw your questions. Sometimes the state forums are pretty quiet. The other forums, like Getting Started with Time4Learning are a bit more active. So you may want to post questions regarding this site at those other forums. The state forums are usually when you want to meet other homeschooling families who are local to you or questions regarding your state.

    Have you tried looking at the progress report? I don't mean to ask what seems like an obvious question, but I missed some things when I first started using T4L and I found this link helpful in finding and using things like the Progress Report. Also, have you logged in to the Parent Admin page? There's more information there that may be helpful for you.
    Lastly, the staff is very friendly if you want to give them a call, if you're still having trouble or if I didn't answer your questions. They've been very patient with me when I've had questions and I was just starting out.
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