Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Summer is just around the bend and school will be winding down for most, so I thought we could share some ideas of things to do and see this summer in Illinois. I am a big fan of our local forest preserve areas. They offer adventure right in your own backyard, and for free!. In fact, in Will county, they have launched a "leave no child inside" program. They suggest these follwing tips:
Tips for Parents:

.Give your child unstructured time outside. This will build curiosity and confidence.
.Spend time with your child outside. Attend a nature program together, visit a lake or local park district.
.Enjoy nature in your neighborhood. Plant a community garden, watch birds, climb trees.
.Hold a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Items could include flowers, bird tracks, squirrels, something that makes noise, colors of nature, worms, and insects.
.Play games to encourage looking-such as "I see something you don't see" and it's color.
.Don't be afraid of not knowing the answers. Let your children be curious. Visit the local library to check out books on birds, rocks, insects, or other aspects of nature.
.Visit http://www.KidsOutside.info for more ideas on where to go and what to do outside with your kids.

Search online for your local county and I am sure you'll find programs that run in the summer or plenty of things to do.
We like to fish, and alot of counties have lakes or river that allow fishing. Make sure you have the proper license, if needed.
Of course, in the Chicagoland area, we also have great museums and zoos to visit. Check out GOCHICAGO.com for ideas and more.
Please post any suggestions you may have.
I was also wondering if anyone is going to continue homeschool thru the summer? I am going to have my kids keep up with some of their T4L lessons. I thought a few hours a week won't hurt, or should they get complete time off? Any ideas?
Thanks, Cassandra ")