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    I am starting homeschooling due to a need to pull my son out of his school immediately. He is in 7th grade and only had one month of school remaining but due to a VERY disturbing situation, I will not send him back there. I will be enrolling him in a new school in the fall (I work full time) but need to complete his 7th grade work at home. I am concerned about the credit for homeschooling being accepted as completion of 7th grade. I have read a tremendous amount that appears to be telling me the IL laws accept homeschooling but I am concerned anyway. Anybody with any advice?

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    Hi. I'm sorry you're having trouble with school. Most schools will enroll a previously homeschooled student at the grade level that corresponds to their age until high school. A few have strict ideas about "credits" for middle school. Since there are no laws saying what private school or homeschool work a public school must accept, it sometimes comes down to the opinion of the individual you are speaking with at the school. Schools have to provide a free an appropriate education, and I can't imagine a scenario where there is no way to get your son enrolled in eighth grade if he is the age of a typical eighth grader.

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