Using T4L as a core . stand alone curriculum
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    Default Using T4L as a core . stand alone curriculum

    Hello I have two questions. Does anyone use this as their core and if so have you had an trouble transitioning to a high school curriculum?


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    Default About curriculum...

    Hi there,

    There are testing tools you can use to gauge where your kiddo is at, and find the curriculum for them accordingly. There is a curriculum, and online test I've used to supplement this program, and it goes all the way to college classes. It is VERY christian oriented, but if you can pick through, and moderate it is an awesome resource. It has an online test that I mentioned above. It is all done in workbooks, none is online, but is very affordable. It is AceMinistries Paces system. If you have a motivated kiddo, you could even graduate them up early. There is also another program that is a bit pricey through Penn Foster, I think? In any case it is a couple thousand dollars for the entire high school curriculum, but doesn't accept children under 14. Good luck : )

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