Happy new year, and happy homeschooling!
We started homeschool in late summer, 2011. 4th grade is entirely more challenging than i anticipated. My child is enrolled in a Christian distance-learning program which utilizes traditional text and paper testing, an accredited program, and an MAT provides her report cards.
I'm the home-based instructor, Mom, full-time caregiver, and life coach for this intellectually mature child on the "spectrum." She enjoys playing the cello, Legos, dsi games, and arts & crafts projects. Her advanced art skills, huge vocabulary bank, and advanced creative writing skills present particular challenges for me in many areas. On the other hand, social-emotional-pragmatic language functions are somewhat deficient, as determined by assessments and evals. Yet another challenge! She's a visual learner yet almost constantly sensory seeking so tactile "hands-on" learning is key.
We live just outside downtown Chicago in the near west suburbs- - not that it's very suburban at all, being so close to the vibrant depot that Chicago is. We welcome the opportunity to meet other T4L homeschoolers within 15 miles of us, south or west, especially if your students are special learners or gifted. We love visiting the city and participating in its urban delights!
Holler at us? We would love to make some new friends with homeschooling in common. About 99% of the folk we know send their kids to public or private school so socializing in alternative arenas is desired, A.S.A.P. Thanks!