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    Default What would you look for?

    Hi! A few other homeschool moms and I are looking to start a homeschool group in our area (Marion/Jefferson Counties). What would you look for in a homeschool group?

    Would you look more for a support-type group where you could share trials and successes, where the kids could get together to "socialize" through picnics and such or maybe be a larger group could get group discounts on trips? Or would you look for something more structured like parents volunteering to teach co-op classes and starting clubs/teams the older children could put on college applications?

    What level of involvement would you want? Meetings every week, twice a month, once a month, quarterly? Would you expect to pay a fee for involvement such as dues, or pay as you go as needed, or prefer a platform with no out of pocket fees? Would you be willing to do a fundraiser to offset costs? Would you want to elect new officers every year or would you prefer the leadership basically stay the same from year to year? Would you volunteer for a leadership position in your homeschool group?

    Any thoughts or suggestions you share would be greatly appreciated. None of us have ever been involved in such a group and there is no offical group in this area as far as I know (I've looked). We have few models to look to online, but no idea what folks in this area would be interested in.

    Thanks in advance!

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    An ideal group for me would have everything, socializeing events, picnics, craft groups weekly, reading club, fitness club, all meeting weekly, support for parents, and field trips every month. I would pay a due monthly for this type of group. People who are open, honest, careing. A group for any and all HSers. Good luck with your rgoup, wish we had one here.

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