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    I have just started homeschooling my son today. He is starting as a 7th grader again due to his difficulty in attending school and doing what is required of him at a non-traditional public school. Day one and I am already having issues with his completing his assignments as he has agreed to do. He says he will finish the other lessons after dinner tonight. I hope he follows through.

    I would love to talk to other parents that are in the same boat as I am. Thanks.

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    Hi. I homeschooled my nephew, along with my own children, for awhile. I found that I needed to check up on him frequently. If he knew I might not notice, he skipped things. You can look in the reports to see how long he is spending on each lesson, but I also found him keeping the lessons open in one window and a game open in another window. It might be necessary for you to require him to do lessons in the same room as you are in until he sees you are serious.

    I added some incentives to be sure my nephew was actually learning the material and not just "accessing" it for a certain amount of time. If he could pass a chapter test, he didn't have to do the material associated with that chapter. If he couldn't pass a test after doing the material, he had to do it again. (I didn't include social studies and most science topics in this, since I wasn't interested in my kids "learning facts" just long enough to pass a test.) I did include knowing how to do math and knowing how to apply English skills.

    He eventually realized that it saved him work in the long run to actually apply himself and learn the material the first time.

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