Hello everyone!

My name is Shameka Davis. I am a home school mom of 2 amazing children. A little girl in kindergarten and a boy in middle school. I started home schooling my kids in August when the school year begin. I was tired of Charter school not meeting my son's educational needs. I can honestly say I love time 4 learning. This is my second time coming on the Parent Forum and I have learned a lot today. I am a stay at home mom who also is Certified in Girl's Self-Esteem Coaching for girls ages 10 and up. I am not a therapist. I help push girls to see the beauty that lies on the inside of them. Through my coaching their confidence will grow stronger. We will work together to set positive goals and accomplish them. Some of the things we focus on are building healthy relationships, body image ,building high self-esteem, and letting go of self-doubt. I also do group coaching. For more info please email me @ [email protected]. Thank you.