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    Talking Good Day!

    We are a Christian Homeschooling family living in Ontario Canada. We have five children, though the oldest went to high school for the first time this year after homeschooling his entire life. The children tried public school for the first time this year as well, but as of last week are back homeschooling which I am very happy and excited about. The children seem to be really enjoying the site, but I must admit that I am a little confused about the LA extensions, and when or how they are suppose to be used?
    Does anyone just use this program as a spring board to more info? Anyone that uses it as the only "class" . I look forward to talking to you all more!
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    Hi Sarah, and welcome! I have been homeschooling since 2005 and using Time4Learning for 5 years now. We use it as our core curriculum, and it works very well for us in that regard, but I know many families use it as a supplement other programs! It's so flexible, you can really make it work around just about any schedule. My boys are in the 2nd and 7th grades. I have them do a LA Ext lesson (or two) each day after they do their LA lessons. Some families have their kiddos do all of the LA lessons in their grade level first, and then they just work on the LA Exts until their "school year" is over. There isn't a right or wrong way really.

    Hope that helped, at least a bit. Here is a great Getting Started with Time4Learning guide that I love...great resource for learning more about the program and navigating the site.

    Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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    Welcome Sarah!! We just had another homeschooler from Canada join the forum the other day! We do what Katie does we do 2 of LA, LA ext and math each day. My boys love them!!
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