Grade 2 Math Help?
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    Default Grade 2 Math Help?

    Hello. My daughter is enrolled in time 4 learning. She just started grade 2 math. She has a learning disability and has always had a harder time with all aspects of math. We live in Canada and she has been learning money in math on T4L, but it's all about American money. She's having an even harder time grasping on to American money. The differences between Canadian money and American is confusing to her. I read that there are thousands of parents from the states and globally using this site. So I was wondering if other parents had or are having a similar problem and what they are doing with their children to teach them money, whether it be a supplement or a separate site, or a corresponding site to this one? Thank you.

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    Hi, coolmom! I am moving your post to our International Forum, where it will be exposed to more non-U.S. members. Hopefully, some of them will have some ideas for you.

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