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    According to this article in the Daily Iowan, homeschooling is on the increase in Iowa. What do you think? Do you think this law will open a loophole to let parents say they are homeschooling when they actually are not educating their children at all? Should these changes be left alone? Or do they need to be modified?
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    Wink It is on the rise in Iowa!

    I am not just saying this because I think so, either! Everywhere I go, there are homeschooled children of all ages in Iowa. I talk to co-workers, and there is always at least 2 that have a homeschooled child. People at the grocery store always ask if I am a home daycare provider because of the amount of food and supplies I buy at a time, and when I tell them "No, I homeschool my son", I always get a positive response that leads to them or someone they know that homeschools. I cannot say there a "a ton" of homeschooled kids in Iowa, but I can say there are more now, than there was when I was in school. I also think that Homeschooling is a better option compared to alternative or behavioral issue schools, and parents are realizing that the more control they have over their children's influences in public and private schools, the better their behavior becomes.

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