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    I have a son who is going into the 9th grade this year and I am concerned with him going there and getting what he needs. He is a special needs child but extremely smart but shy. I am considering homeschooling him because I am a stay home parent so I have the time but most importantly because of the impression his new special education teacher gave me this summer when I met up with her. I was unimpressed and I do not want my child to fall through the cracks, since he has been doing well so far. She seems to have this whole attitude about education is not important because "her" children will not amount to anything. So she feels that giving them the job experience is more important than education. Although I think job experience is important I do not think it is more important than my son's education. Also when I told her we were studying for his permit she laughed and said why, I was appauld because I know my son will drive in the future. I also have heard some horror stories and now that I met her I can see why. Anyway school starts soon in knoxville and I need some advice on how I can get into homeschooling ASAP..

    Anyone with any advice let me know, please

    Thanks Nicole Lee

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    Hi there! I don't blame you for wanting to turn to homeschooling after reading that, lol... As far as getting started with homeschooling, here is a great set of Iowa Homeschooling Laws. I would also recommend visiting our Homeschooling in Iowa resource page. There is a lot of good information there.

    Time4Learning only goes up to grade 8, HOWEVER, some of the 7th and 8th lessons may work for your son. I know you said he is a special needs child, but I don't know if he is at a 9th grade level yet.

    Since my oldest is just about to start 7th grade, I don't have any personal experience with a high school level curriculum, but maybe some of our other members can chime in with their experiences. Good luck and please, please keep us posted with how things are going with you guys!
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