Well I am not even forty and I am getting the opportunity to retire. The great thing is my benefits are not changing!! I am just taking something off my plate. I will be retiring as a moderator from tim4learning. Actually if I understand correctly crstarlette will be taking over as moderator for the Iowa homeschool forum for time4learning as of this month. I have learned a few things about the world of computers and the internet. Hopefully I have been able to help or inspire you. I will keep using time4learing with my kids as it is a great resource, and encourage others to do the same. Like I said my benefits remain the same lots of time with my children, getting to watch the aha moments when something new gets learned, school continues during snowstorms, flexibility , well I can get wordy so I will stop here and see you on the parent forums now as a member. May each of you have a Happy New Year!!