Iowa home schooling laws- HELP?
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    Default Iowa home schooling laws- HELP?

    I am new to the Iowa home schooling laws. I've home schooled in the past (in WI) and want to reopen that door. I've read through the Iowa laws and am a bit confused... I understand the need to fill out the paperwork and the other obvious information. I'm having a bit of an issue with understanding the dual enrollment. Is that saying that my children may attend a public school for P.E. or music while being home schooled? Also, it mentioned that I would need to be involved with a teacher or whatnot if my children were not enrolled in an accredited school. Is there an easier way to help me to understand the laws that are new to me?
    I would appreciate any feedback that oyu are able to send my way.

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    Hi there and welcome! The one place that I always turn to for information regarding homeschool laws is the HSLDA. They always stay up to date and everything is laid out pretty well, in my opinion. Here is their Iowa homeschooling laws page.

    Per that page, I read that you do not need to be dual enrolled but that option is available to you for academic, instructional, or extracurricular activities. You can read more about that on their Public School Access for Homeschoolers page.

    If you choose the Annual Assessment option for homeschooling, rather than the supervising teacher option, you only have to have contact with a teacher once a year. There are several options for what type of assessment you can have each year (report card, evaluation, standardized test), and the teacher involvement will vary depending on that.

    I hope this was a little helpful...if I didn't answer something the way you needed, please tell me, lol! It can be hard to put into words. Also, please always feel free to ask any questions you have.

    Let us know how things are going with you, and keep us posted!
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