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    I just recently pulled my daughter out of public school to start homeschooling. I am worried about her having interaction with other kids as we do not have a lot of friends with kids her age. She has a few friends from school that we will be staying in contact with, but we would also like her to be with other children who are also homeschooled. This way she doesn't feel so different. Many of her friends ask her why she isn't in school and they do not understand how she can do school at home which makes it hard for her to explain. It's also harder because she gets really anxious about the topic because she doesn't want to be singled out for being different. She suffers from anxiety and ADHD which is the primary reason for us going to homeschooling.

    Is there any meetups in Southwestern Iowa?

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    Hi there, and welcome! I'm sorry that your daughter is anxious about talking doing school at home. It does get better, lol. My boys used to look at me and freeze every time someone asked them why weren't they in school. Over time though, they began to get more and more comfortable. They play sports through our local recreation department, and they participate in Scouts, with other public school kids. After a while, the other kids thought it was cool that they didn't have to go home to do homework or go to bed early for the next day, lol. So, even if parents and adults still want to raise an eyebrow and question homeschooling, most of the kids they meet think it's cool. That makes it easier for them to be comfortable with it.

    Here a few sites you can check out to see if you can find a local group:

    Homeschool World: Iowa Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
    Iowa Homeschool Groups, Events, & Activities
    Iowa - Homeschooling Support Groups & Co-ops | Homeschool | Home EDucators Resource Directory | HERD

    Good luck. Please always feel free to ask any questions you have, and please check back in and let us know how things are going with you guys!
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