Newbie a little confused lol
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    Default Newbie a little confused lol

    Ok I have been homeschooling through our district materials since November. My son is 8 in the 3rd grade, pretty much an average learner. Homeschooling has gone well but I just don't like the way of the materials I have. I felt like I was spending more time "planning" than teaching or working with him. Anyways, I decided to come here to see now if this program will better suit both him and I, we are both computer people I guess you could say.

    Anyways, my questions....
    1) It says the reading materials are in the program and not needed to be bought outside of here.....but where the heck are they???

    2) Each subject you open has an arrow that moves you through. If you do one is that a lesson?? Or is it one from each subtopic?

    Ok I probably am not making much sense, I am tired lol but if you can help that would be great! Thanks!

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    Default Jamie

    Hope this helps...a lesson is one activity. Make sure your child exits correctly or it will not register as done. The activity has everything included except the science. You will find a scient list and reading list on the right of the screen. Those are the only extras. Our home school coordinator gives me additional things such as mad minutes, spelling worksheets, etc. I had workbooks from before I started homeschooling that I use to supplement, but not too much. I have bought a typing CD that my daughters does twice per week and a creative writing CD that she just started.

    Email me at [email protected] if you have more questions or want to know what I have for my daughter's daily/weekly schedules.

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