Non-legal guardian teaching?
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    Hello all, my name is Evan. I'll give the story first; skip to the second paragraph for my question. My girlfriend and I live together, along with her two children from a previous relationship. The boy is currently in 1st grade and is struggling to maintain focus during class. He had the same issue during kindergarten, frequently disrupting class and being sent home with notes several days each week. His focus is greatly improved with one-on-one contact and direct stimulation, but this is just not available in our school. Essentially, any time he isn't being directly interacted with in a small group or individually, his attention shoots off in another direction. We are considering homeschooling him so that he can get the education he needs with more time dedicated specifically to him.

    The question: Is it legal in Iowa for me, as a non-legal guardian and lacking a teaching license, to homeschool a first-grader myself? For several reasons, the girlfriend and I are thinking I am the better candidate for the job, but we're concerned about the legality of it. Any answers, help, or links would be enormously appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi there and welcome! While we could never give legal advice here, I would think that if your girlfriend and her children are living with you, you wouldn't have a problem. I have looked over the Iowa homeschool laws and could find no reference to non-legal guardian homeschooling. I would contact the school district where you live and ask them, just to make sure...

    Good luck, and keep us posted as how things turn out!
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