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    Hello there
    I am trying to start a dialog between middle/high school students from small towns and big cities.
    I feel our children need to understand each other in order to help repair our country
    Please contact me if you would be interested
    In gratitude...
    Madeline Peterson
    Mom of 2 in Los Angeles

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    I used to have pen pals as a kid and it would be a wonderful skill for my older son, turning 10 in the 4th grade, to expand himself. He is an awesome reader, not so much in writing. He has brilliant ideas and writing them down would be so helpful! I believe I will be pulling his kindergarten brother out of school this week to start homeschooling for ODD behavior. My 10 year old will remain in the public school for now, although has issues of his own to work on. If it would be of any interest, we are in small town NE Iowa.

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