Plans for this school year
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    Plans for this school year...well to be honest I was thinking about that yesterday while driving through Missouri. I have been gone the last two week to Mexico. I just arrived home last night at 8pm. So I am planning on working on the schedule and goals this week and then starting school next Monday. Good luck with that huh? I talked with my husband (while driving) yesterday and asked if there was anything he wanted to see each individual kid accomplish this year. He asked if there was some list that would tell me general scholastic guidelines for each kid. Well there is and I find the benchmarks on our local schools website. After that I will attempt to make a list of character traits that need to be worked on through out the year.
    Then I need to figure out how much time each child will need on each subject, how much time on the computer each child will need and how much time I will need to instruct individual children on each subject. With that list I sit down in front of a blank excel worksheet and start plugging in various subjects and times until we all have everything scheduled. Then after the first week I will make adjustments. So that is my plan for this week and I will put an updated thought on later. But do any of you have any suggestions of how you get ready for a new school year? I love hearing from other people. I am sure you have a golden nugget. So would you mind sharing them?

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    I usually list what I want the kids to learn about and ask the kids to help me list some things they would like to learn about. Then I spend a lot of time looking at blogs, homeschool forums and reviews and lists to get ideas for materials. So far for the basics (math and reading) we just reuse what the oldest used, so that much is done for me. We also rent the math and reading books for the oldest child, then pick up supplements here and there throughout the year.

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