A Chilly day in Kansas
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    Default A Chilly day in Kansas

    With todays cool and gloomy weather my kids are so fidgety that the oldest could not concentrate. So....off to the shop and barn we went. We had hay bales to unload from a trailer and massive kid mess in the shop to clean up. In the process we learned a lot. When we picked up a piece of tin there lie a mouse curled up in a little hay nest. Now I was not real fond with finding the mouse. Not my favorite creature....however, it was a learning 'moment' and I mean moment because it didn't take the mouse long to relocate. The boys were able to see where the animal takes shelter from the cold and how it made its nest. So even though we couldn't sit still long in 'class' we had a bit of a science/biology class in the barn.

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    Lol, that's great! Yes, I wouldn't have exactly thought "oooh teachable moment" when I first saw the little mouse. But it's great that as homeschoolers, we do seem to find teachable moments in just about ANY moment.

    Thanks so much for sharing!
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