PinkyMorche - 01-18-2011, 01:43 PM - permalink
I was wondering how many extracurricular activities people were doing. I am asking because I have been letting things people say get to me, and I shouldn't. Anywhos we are in scouts and attend a church with an amazing childrens program, but that is all we do. Some of people are making me wonder if we should be doing more. So I am asking how much do you do?

bailbrae - 01-21-2011, 10:28 AM - permalink
There will ALWAYS be people who know how you should be parenting your kids better than you do.

We are also involved in scouts, oldest is a Boy Scout, youngest is a Cub Scout. Both of the boys also play soccer with the local recreation department in the Spring and the Fall.

We meet with a homeschool group to do field trips and have general playdates as well.

Besides that, we aren't involved in any other group. We are considering starting the boys in Master's Academy which is a fine arts program for homeschoolers (There are locations in several cities in several states). Unfortunately, this is only in the "considering" stage because there is a monthly tuition fee and we will have to restructure our montly budget to make that work.