Homeschooling this late in the year?
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    Default Homeschooling this late in the year?

    I am new to all of this and would like to pull my children out of the private school they attend and finish the year at home. We will be moving over the summer and so they would enroll in a new school next year. Will this make enrollment difficult for next year? Any advice?

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    Hi tiffanywheat, and welcome! I honestly have no idea about the difficulties in enrolling next year...but I would think it shouldn't be an issue. Sometimes, when parents re-enroll their kiddos after homeschooling, they have to take a placement test so the school board feels comfortable with placing them at a certain grade level. You're going to be homeschooling for such a short amount of time, that I don't think you will run into any problems.

    When is the school year over for the private school they are in? As far as whether or not you should go ahead and pull them out, or leave them in, here are the Kansas homeschool laws. You've probably already seen them, but I would make sure that you want to deal with the school board regarding these laws before you make that decision. Don't worry...KS isn't hard to homeschool in, lol, but if you have a month or less left, you may opt to just not mess with it.

    Good luck, with whatever you decide. Please keep us posted and let us know how things are going with you...
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