Moving to Kansas from the south and homeschooling for the first time
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    Lightbulb Moving to Kansas from the south and homeschooling for the first time

    Hi there! We are moving from South Carolina to Kansas this summer. With the changes, I am homeschooling my daughters. One who will be in 4th grade and the other will be in preschool. If there are any suggestions you guys have on how to make the best transition into the area and also to have support in this new adventure of homeschooling I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Hi there! I'm not from KS, so I can't give any personal advice pertaining to that area, but I can say to head to your local library when you get to where you're moving to. I know in my area (very rural area), my librarian knew other homeschoolers and could direct me to local homeschool groups. Facebook seems to be a great way to find local groups as well.

    Good luck and don't forget to introduce yourself in some of the other threads on the board here...see what questions you can get answered and who you can meet.
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    Default Hello New Friend

    I see you are moving to Kansas. May I be the first to welcome you. I live in Wichita and have been homeschooling my 3 boys for 13 years now. I would love to talk with you about homeschooling in Kansas or just homeschooling in general. Where are you moving to? If we are nearby, we can meet in person and enjoy conversation over a cup of tea or coffee. If we are farther away we can still enjoy our calming beverage over a phone call or two or e-mails. Either way, I would be happy to make connection with you and answer any questions you may have and if I don't know them, get you connected with those who would.

    Your Kansas Friend,

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