Offered to parents who educate a child at home is a variety of learning materials on all subjects from a master teacher who has taught over twenty years, completed brain research aimed at learning how to stimulate learning for children, tutored countless children to the help them understand learning is fun, and presented training to parents to understand methods to use that could open doors the child to comprehend and apply techniques to learn.

What I offer is my collection of educational materials with guidance if desired to those who are teaching a child. Organized in theme based collections for you to select topics to elaborate on. In each of these theme based materials one can discover topics to enhance learning utilizing books, posters, puzzles, workbooks, crafts, tapes, etc.

I have just retired from teaching parents students, and other teachers by example. I had four rooms of my house all this unbelievable materials. A collection of educational stimulating items I personally used I don't want to just throw away; instead I am displaying it all on tables and walls at my residences and asking a minimal amount for others to purchase.

If this should be of interest to you, please call 660-620-1684. I live in MO, south of a city called Belton. Please check this opportunity out.

Thank you, and
MS Jenny