Child is behind, how to explore traditional school reentry
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    Default Child is behind, how to explore traditional school reentry

    Mamie has been homeschooled for 3 years. We decided to try homeschooling because she was so far behind and falling further back each year. She was going in to the 4th grade when we pulled her out. She could not read more than small words, couldn't read the number 1001, had no spelling skills beyond 2 letter words. As we were homeschooling we also found that she could not read time, count money or comprehend simple passages. She was working on a kindergarten level. We have worked on all these things and she has improved dramatically. She is reading fluently, counting money, and we are working on multiplication and division in math. It has been a constant struggle the entire time. No matter how I change up the lessons or make them interactive she has no drive. She doesn't want to do anything school related. It's a fight every morning to get her up and to schoolwork. As much of a failure as it makes me feel, she is going to have to go back to traditional schooling. Even with what we have accomplished, I know that she is still about a year behind in reading, a couple years behind in math and probably still on 2nd grade spelling. ( math and spelling are the worst). I am curious as to what I can do to get her into the best position to return to school next year. Also I am afraid of the legal ramifications of her still being behind and how they will determine her grade placement. Is their anyone on here that can advise me? She will be 14 in April. I am also interested in finding some kind of tutor for a crash course this summer. We are in Caneyville, KY. We have tried Mathnasium in Bowling Green but found it not to help, she used it as a social gathering place instead of a learning establishment.

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    Is there another place in this forum I could repost this and maybe get more input?

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    Hi there. While the state forums are a little quiet sometimes, any of our other threads tend to get more activity. Have you tried the grade specific forums, or maybe the homeschool families forum?

    You can also ask over on our T4L Families Facebook group. Good luck!
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