Everything says N/A on score??
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    Default Everything says N/A on score??

    HELP! Everything says N/A on the scores, and I mean like everything! All last weeks work What are we doing wrong? He has done the work. Im not sure what we are doing wrong....

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

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    Many of the lessons are not graded. They are there for the learning value but not for evaluation. Perhaps you only did work this week that was not graded. Or there may be a computer glitch somewhere. If you can tell me specifically what lessons you worked on I can tell you if there should be a grade or if it should just say N/A. Since I do not know what grade level or anything you are working on I am going to use first grade language arts extensions. In Chapter 3 there are seven lessons and then a quiz. All seven lessons would come up with an N/A to show that you had done the work. Only the quiz would have a grade on it. Please give me more details and I will try to work it out for you.
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