Exchange Students in the Louisville area

Hi Everyone,

Most of you know that I've worked with the exchange students in the
Louisville area for the last 9 years. We are nearing the end of the
summer and have just a few more students that we urgently need help
finding host families in order for the student to study in the U.S.
This is a great opportunity for your family to learn about another
country from within your own home and we have some really great kiddos.

Please email me or give me a call and I would be happy to explain how it
all works!! Thank you so much for reading.

T RA11129-Girl Ronja is a 16-year-old girl from Germany. "I think one of
the best parts of me is that I'm a happy person." She enjoys dancing,
learning languages, reading books, listening to music, painting, and
swimming. She has taken 2 years of French. She looks forward to joining
the drama club while in the U.S. Ronja would like to be a
translator/interpre ter someday. She has 6 brothers! Loves her two
rabbits and cat. GPA: 3.3 SLEP Score: 56

HAN11066-Girl Yeji is a 16-year-old girl from South Korea. "She is
really independent and positive." She plays the piano and likes to hike.
She wants to join the international club at her U.S. high school. When
she's older, Yeji wants to become a scientist and to study brains.
She has an older sister. GPA: 3.7 SLEP Score: 55

GLO11005 – Boy Nilson Cristovam is a 16 year old boy from Brazil.
"I'm friendly, helpful and really interested in knowing your country. I
am sociable and talkative." While in the US he is looking forward to
football, basketball, drama, and trying winter sports. He enjoys
volleyball, basketball, volunteering with his church youth, card games,
cooking and painting portraits of his family. He has two younger
sisters. GPA: 2.9 SLEP Score: 52


Angela Manetta
Louisville KY
cell: 314-5652

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