Frustrated... Please Help Very Confused for My 3rd Grader...
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    Default Frustrated... Please Help Very Confused for My 3rd Grader...

    So upset that the 3rd grade La extension is set up the way it is... I believe it is way to hard for a 3rd grader,, Knowing that I took one of the test myself and only got a 50% on the test... Has anyone else noticed how hard this course is for the 3rd graders? I need to find another source because My son does great on the language arts but the La extensions to me is way out of league for my son... that kind of work is like for a jr high student.. what has happened to the society pressuring kids like this in schooling...

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    My son is in 3rd grade, but we have not started the LA extension yet. We usually do all of the Language Arts first then start with LA extensions later on in the year. Maybe trying to do that might help your son? Wait until later on in the year & he may be a little more mature & it may click.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Journey. I know some people do it this way. When we first started I could not see a reason to do both Language Arts and Language Arts Extensions so we just did LA. But as we went along I noticed that my son was struggling more and more with reading. I finally realized that the letter sounds and blends were being taught in Language Arts Extensions so he was not getting this. We went back and started doing these lessons and his reading skills improved greatly. He has only started reading well this past summer. (He's ten now.) But now he will pick up a book and read it for pleasure. Whether you do the LAE along with LA or after you finish LA doesn't really matter. But I found for my son it was important to do it.
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