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    Can a grandparent homeschool in the state of KY? I can't seem to find anything straying yes or no.

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    The vast majority of state homeschool laws contain some language restricting homeschooling to the child's parent or legal guardian. That doesn't mean they can't hire a tutor (or use a volunteer, like a grandparent). It doesn't mean they can't consider the child's piano lessons (taught by another person) to be "music class". It doesn't mean they can't send the child to a summer science camp and consider that part of their science education.

    It does mean the parent is responsible for signing anything having to do with their child's education, and for making sure the homeschool laws are followed. If they delegate some of the actual instruction to another individual, and even if they give another individual authority to choose curriculum or make some decisions regarding the child's education . . . the parent still signs any forms and the parent makes sure those decisions are in keeping with the state's homeschool laws.

    Since Kentucky requires a letter of intent, it should come from the parent or legal guardian . . . not the grandparent (unless they have legal guardianship).

    Most homeschool laws assume a parent is uniquely qualified to teach their own child, simply because they are the parent.

    Kentucky's homeschool laws don't specifically address someone else homeschooling your child, but the Kentucky Department of Education says:

    Rights of the parentThe Kentucky constitution establishes the prerogatives of the parents to choose the formal education for the child. Therefore, parents may choose to homeschool their child.
    If a parent chooses this option, they take complete responsibility for educating their child. The parent/guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials.
    I'm not a lawyer, and I don't live in Kentucky! I'm just a homeschool mom with experience in interpreting homeschool laws, so anything I say should be considered a jumping-off point for you to do your own research and to understand your state's laws yourself.

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