We were all set to begin our new school year. The lesson plans were written, the books were on hold at the library, the excitement was building!

And then tragedy hit. My friend's 2 yr old was killed accidentally when he was run over by the next door neighbor's truck. Then I got bronchitis. In efforts to support my friend as much as possible, while dealing with being sick, the new homeschool year's plans went right out the window (temporarily, of course).

However, the start to our new homeschooling year did not have to wait. Because we have T4L! No matter where we were (thanks to a wireless laptop), we were able to do school. And because T4L is so easy, so kid-friendly, so orderly in the way it is set up, Ben was able to do it mostly independently.

This is why I keep T4L. I've always been up front that it is not our Core curriculum (we love living books learning too much), but boy is it ever a blessing to our homeschool. But it sure has been wonderful this past year for:

homeschooling while I was recuperating after surgery
homeschooling from Nana's house
homeschooling when we're traveling on business with dad
keeping those skills sharp through the summer
and now for getting our homeschool off to a get start in the face of difficult circumstances.

I'd love to hear how T4L plays into your school day, week, year, summer, or any other time!