Looking for Other Home School Families in Lexington KY
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    Post Looking for Other Home School Families in Lexington KY

    My 11 y.o. son has been begging me to find him a home school group. I was hoping to find at least a handful of families in Lexington that home school using T4L. Especially since there are approximately 1100 students in Fayette County alone. I have my 11 y.o. homeschooling now with an eight y.o. still in public school. Lately we have tried even going to a local library hoping to see kids his age. Any other ideas?

    I personally love home schooling him. He can work anywhere there is internet (even in front of our apartment). I think a lot of my joys with home schooling are because I know what he is learning, and I can adjust accordingly. So far I have been totally happy with T4L. Kinda wish they would add a handwriting section, but that is easy for me to add.

    He started in 6th grade but within a few weeks we just moved him back to 5th grade with a timetable of September to January to finish it. Some is just review but some is totally new. Fayette county really lacks in non-test subjects and I felt he was not getting the background information before starting the newer stuff. Has anyone else noticed that with their children when they pulled them out of public school??

    I apologize for the length. It seems once I finally logged on here to make a post, I just have so much to ask and say.

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    Default Homeschooling Mom

    Hello, My name is Bre and I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 boys ages 12,13,17 I seen your post and I too have been looking for families in the lexington area that are homeschooling. Myself and husband took are 12yr old out of public scool in 5th grade because of horrible interaction with the teacher my son was so broken physically and mentally I just couldn't take it anymore we did notice a lot of things he had to retake when we took him out we then decided the following school year to take out our then 6th grader and 10th grader t4l is a great program which had helped us tremendously the only thing we're lacking is friends lol have a great day. Lewis Family

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