Mid year changes in schedule?
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    Default Mid year changes in schedule?

    It's almost that time of year. The time when the frustration levels begin the rise and we all start wondering why we put so much on our schedules. Or maybe it's just me?

    I always begin the year with high hopes of accomplishing great things, and by midyear, realize, I.just.can't.do.it.all. Anyone else?

    So, what's the answer? Continue plugging along, and feeling frustrated, defeated? Or change things up a bit, slow it down, put away (or even sell!) those items that just aren't fitting in?

    One of these years, I will learn that the only 2 things that work for us consistently are Time4Learning and unit studies.

    And you know what? If we do nothing else but these 2 things, we'll be just fine. Great in fact.

    Less is more, right?
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    Default Re: Mid year changes in schedule?

    Hi Marcy,

    I agree with you that sometimes we start out overloading our plate and we jump off track usually around this time of year due to burn out. I actually recently sat down with my son and asked him which curriculum (we tried a few different ones) he liked best. We then came up with a schedule based on those curricula. We don't use Time 4 Learning for every subject anymore. But since we did that he is now doing a bit better staying on track. He is 13 so that may make a difference but if you give even younger children a base line I imagine, them choosing which one they would like to do helps keep their interest. If you find it doesn't work though, I don't see why changing the program out is a problems as long as you are not spending a fortune trying to do so. It helps keep things interesting. And it is true that sometimes less is more.


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