New here and new to homeschooling.
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    Default New here and new to homeschooling.

    Hey All!

    I'm Allison and my husband and I have 7 children. We're homeschooling one of our 5th grade sons. We're mainly using this program along with Alpha & Omega Horizons. So far, the home schooling thing is not going well. Our son is not very cooperative. Suggestions?

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    I have a fifth grade boy myself so I can sympathize with you. They would much rather be playing games with their friends than doing school work. And somehow, no matter what you do, it is going to be your fault. You might try breaking up the work with lots of breaks in between subjects. Or maybe offer rewards. Work on your lesson for 45 minutes and you get 15 minutes of game time. You know what rewards will work best for your child. At 11, they are beyond the stage where stars or stickers is going to help. I know there are others on here with boys this age. I hope they will chime in to let us know what they do.

    Have you checked out the forum for fifth graders? They might have some ideas.
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