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    Hello, my name is Jon. My daughter is enrolled in T4L for the 7th grade. She has been using it since august. In this short period of time she has already completed two subjects and another one will be completed soon. Can anyone tell me if this has happened to you and what you did about it? We are new to this and could use a little advice. Any help with this matter is appreciated. Thanks, Jon

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    Hi Jon, wow! Your daughter is enthusiastic! I am homeschooling my eighth grade daughter,and I have found that breaking the whole curriculum down into weeks,assigning a few lessons a day from each subject category,keeps her on an even pace.She enjoys LA and would fly through the whole year's lessons at once,but then be left with the math and social studies,which she doesn't enjoy nearly as much. How many hours a day is your daughter working on T4L? Is she working weekends? My daughter is doing a few hours a day online,then supplementing with other projects in her free time.(cooking,physical activity,reading,etc.) We take weekends off. I started homeschooling with this program last year,and had to "de-school" both myself and my daughter. We came to realize that she doesn't have to put in 7 hours a day online like public school to get the same amount of learning in. I would recommend breaking the whole year's curriculum down into daily assignments,and if she's still working quickly,supplement with projects outside the curriculum.I have been at this for a year,and still feel like we are new at this! You are not alone,Amy

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