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    Hi there I will be homeschooling my child for the first time.He will be in the 4th this year.I could really use advise about sceduling and any other good advice for nervous first timers. Thank You

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    Slow down. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and relax a bit. Read over past threads on this forum as they will answer some of your questions. Read the Getting Started Guide. Read the Welcome Guide. Find a good local homeschool group that fits your lifestyle. Understand the law. Have fun.

    As far as scheduling, what I do is count how many lessons there are for each subject. I divide this number by the number of days that I plan to school during the year. This answer is the number of lessons in each subject that my son needs to complete each day that we have school. We just start at the beginning and work in order through the lessons. If he is really interested in one subject we may focus on it for a few days and then catch up with the other work the following week. I'm pretty flexible. If a really fun activity comes up last minute we will do it and leave the work for another day. It would probably be good to ask others on the forum what they do as far as scheduling. There is a schedular that some parents use to lay out the work for their child ahead of time.
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