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    I have a kindergarden student and given recent events, I'm seriously considering home school. I must admit at this point I'm a bit discouraged and intimidated. There is so much information and I have so many questions and no one to really answer them. How do you even get started and how do I pull my child from public schooling legally? Is it difficult and how much time a day do you devote to education? How do you separate play time (which is what my child knows home is for) and school time? Where do you get materials and is online a bit extreme for a 6 year old? I apologize for the mound our questions but I tried to speak with the school about it and I got brushed off so I'm reaching out to anyone willing to offer some advice. Thanks a bunch.

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    Mounds of questions is what we are here for. Welcome to the forum. Where to start with your questions. First I think is to relax. I know homeschooling sounds scary but it's not. For kindergarten, you don't really separate learning from play. Play is learning. Kids learn from watching you and doing what you do. Counting the plates for dinner and sorting the laundry are great ways to learn. My son has been doing time4learning on the computer since he was in preK. The work should be limited to 30 to 45 minutes a day. That's all they need at that age. And lots and lots of play.

    When you decide to educate your children at home, you must notify the local board of education by letter of intent to teach your child(ren) at home, giving the names, ages, and address of each child. You should keep a copy of this letter. Other than that you are required to keep attendance records. I have never understood this one but it's part of the law. I keep a calendar with all of our outside activities on it. I consider this my attendance record. I also put a check mark on each day that we do time4learning. Usually we have an activity or we do t4l almost every day so we have a full calendar. Here is a great link for resources in Kentucky as well as a copy of the law. Please come back and ask any specific questions you might have.
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