I found one site that is great for organizing everything you do with homeschooling and make a great record for everything homeschool related. It is free for the basic edititon which is awesome, the basic does everything I need it too! It is homeschooltracker.com, check it out and see if it can help you get your recorded keeping organized!

The other site I found was Flylady.net, this site helps you make your home clutter free with baby steps. It is pretty cool, I just started it and I love the idea of a timer and zones in the house. There is more information on the site but I haven't gotten thru alot of it since I just found it! (it does send out alot of emails thru out the day but I made a folder for them to go into so I can look at them when i have the time)

Please post any sites that you have found that make your life easier!

Happy Homeschooling!