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    Default 'scholarship' requirement

    ok folks, this is what i found regarding the 'scholarship report'.

    Kentucky offers one option for home schooling your child: to qualify your as a private school. A home school qualifies as a private school in Kentucky if it does the following:
    1) Parents must notify the local board of education that they intend to home school.
    2) Parents must keep attendance records and regular reports" (like a quarterly report). The law states that these must be made available for inspection. However, the privacy of the home, according to HSLDA is protected by the 4th amendment, and so the school board does not have the authority to enter the home without consent (or a warrant.)
    In addition, the Kentucky constitution states that, "No shall be compelled to send their child to any school to which he is conscientiously opposed."
    Compulsory Age: The child must be at least 6 and must not have passed his 16th birthday.
    Attendance: There are 185 days of required attendance and parents are required to keep attendance records according to HSLDA.
    Subjects: Reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, math and civics are all required.
    Qualifications: There are no qualifications.
    Notice: As stated above, the parents must send a notice to the local board of education within the first two weeks of school.
    Records: Maintain an attendance record and keep scholarship reports.
    Homeschooling Laws in Kentucky - Homeschool - Families.com
    so, that means if we have a portfolio then thats the 'scholarship requirement', just in case theres some dude from the school board all of a sudden comes to inspect us.
    as long as we have everything we can show them, (start saving all ur kids work and bind them), then we're good.

    i know some homeschool families in lexington for years (their kids are now in high school still in homeschool) and not ever gotten a surprise visit from school board.

    so lets take a deep breath peeps.
    all we have to do is make sure we have a compilation of our kids' day to day school work.
    use a grading scale if u need to. a weekly lesson plan. notebooks per subject.

    and i kept researching.....

    5. According to KRS 159.040, a record of pupil attendance and a scholarship report must be kept. How you keep attendance and scholarship information is up to you. I use a simple calendar in which I check off each day we do school for our record of attendance. For scholarship I use lapbooking and notebooking, and our math program keeps an online gradebook. I also hold on to our language arts notebook.

    Homeschooling in KY: What Do I Need To Know? | Facebook
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    Thanks for all the hard work finding this out!! You are the best!! Hoping that your October is going GREAT!! YIKES two months left til xmas!! or the money drain
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    I know..time is flying so fast isnt it.
    I want to know what the 'sholarship' means coz
    ive never heard them talk about it here...well...in the homeschool community,
    and i never asked them, so why not reasearch on my own.
    and there it goes...the scholarship is the school work ive been compiling every year LOL!
    U r welcome!

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