Testing at the end of your lessons for the year.
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    Default Testing at the end of your lessons for the year.

    I was wondering if anyone can let me know if the state of ky requires any kind of testing like the CATS test for homeschooling.. My son is in his last week of 1st grade in time4learing.. Im trying to figure out how to test him what he has learned through out his lessons for this year... Is there any suggestions on how to do this.. I want to make sure he remembers what he has learned... I plan to give him his summer break once done but also continue with reading and writing through out the summer till he starts on 2nd grade level.. I also have a 5 yr old son im getting ready to start this year as well in the program.. he will be in kindergarten level.. But before i start im in that do you all think i should start him out now in the prek level? I need some advice please help me out.. Thanks Tara

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    Hi tara

    Here's what I got from Shell about testing hope this helps
    Nope theres no testing required.
    Only required is to send the letter of intent to the school district.
    But if she wants to test her kids she have to find 'tester' companies or online or that place u r using for ur kids. Or another option is when the school starts go to the nearest school and do the 'placement' test. She will then find out if her kids are ready for the next level or grade.
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