Thinking of Homeschooling my 5yr old
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    Default Thinking of Homeschooling my 5yr old

    My son attended pre-k for 2 years. He did great, always got positive feedback of how well behaved and smart he was. This year starting full day kindergarden I've struggled with negative behavior reports from his K teacher. I'm considering home schooling my son. His "behaviors" are not what I would consider bad, he is very bright and always wants to be called on to answer questions so he "blurts out". I don't have issues with him at home and the classroom size of 27 students to 1 teacher is where I think the problem is. I dont believe a classroom of that size gives the children enogh opportunity to show they are learning. Kindergarden use to be about interacting, play time, nap time and learning. It is now so set on academics and not the fundamentals of adjusting to a classroom setting and teaching boundaries. He is just "clipped down" on a color chart to show his negative behavior. We are already in the 2nd semester of school but wanted to know what I need to do to get him started in homeschooling.

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    Hi there, and welcome! I don't live in KY, so I can't give personal experience with starting to homeschool, but here are the Kentucky homeschool should be able find what you need. Good luck!
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