1st grade teacher not answering emails and avoid direct conversation
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    Default 1st grade teacher not answering emails and avoid direct conversation

    My kid is in 1st grade. I volunteer in her class and usually sees her teacher once a week. She seems pretty nice when you talk to her but she will not answer my questions clearly and most of my emails and phone calls are not answered. Only time she answered my email is when I called the principal to complain.

    So far I've requested twice by email, a teacher parent conference. She will not respond. I've heard rumors about her being really rude and mean to some parents. She was rude to me at first but now seem much better when she found out I was doctor. At first I thought it was her style to be a little bit abrasive. My friends have told me to let it go. They say "do you remember your 1st grade teacher? Let it go. She can retaliate against your child when there are no parents." My kid tells me that when she gets something wrong in tests the teacher will announce to the whole class that she got it wrong. She is messing with my child's self esteem. Should I file an official complain with the school?

    Thank you for reading and please help me out.


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    I think I would speak with her in person first. Maybe she isn't receiving your emails or phone calls.

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    Most of the people on this forum home school using T4L. By removing ourselves from the school system, we have removed our families from these situations. If, however, I found myself in this situation, I would look through the school's handbook to see if there is a dispute resolution process for dealing with the teaching staff and then I would follow it to the letter. I would also cc to the vice-principal or whomever the teacher reports on any and all e-mails unless the handbook says not to do so.

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    I had a friend in a similar situation. What she did was she called both Principle and teacher left a voice mail and followed up with a email to the both of them and a Cc. to herself. She simply stated that she will be there in "this day" and at "this time" to have a sit down meeting with the two of them. To please make themselves available and clear their schedule at that time. She gave them about a week. She did not get a reply, but they were both there waiting for meeting. She was able to get a lot accomplished in that meeting.
    Good Luck, Tammy

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