2nd Grade-a few questions...
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Thread: 2nd Grade-a few questions...

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    Default 2nd Grade-a few questions...

    I've looked at using T4L several times before, but we have always used other curriculum. I have a 7 (nearly 8) year old boy who has not been officially diagnosed, but has all the symptoms of ADHD. We've homeschooled from the start. He is bright and excellent reader, but is burnt out with our curriculum this year...already. He needs something a little more engaging and a little more independent. I am hoping T4L can serve as his core curriculum for the year and our days will be less of a struggle than they have been. A couple of questions...

    Worksheets. How do others use those? Only for concepts that need extra practice? He has a hard time with handwriting, so I want to keep this light, but I don't want to leave out an important piece of the program.

    Any tips for 2nd grade overall?

    We do family memory work and read alouds and he reads to me daily. Anyone add anything else that helps round out their students day/week?

    And...honest opinions from those who have used this as their main homeschool curriculum?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: My need to check boxes is THRILLED with the activity planner. Also love that we have access to 3 grades at once so I can bounce back and practice a math concept if needed. Awesome.

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    Default Re: 2nd Grade-a few questions...


    For second grade, you might want to add a penmanship program or just print free penmanship worksheets online and use those. Also, I've used lots of read-alouds. I choose fun, colorful children's books about George Washington, animals, clouds, rocks, our flag, and so forth. Even when reading a fictional story book, you can point out the flag in a picture's background, or notice that the trees in the picture are different from the trees in your area.

    Second grade online lessons won't take very long. Enjoy this, as third grade gets more intense! Allow a second grader lots of time for pretend play (playing house or playing with cars), creative play (paints, clay, Legos, blocks) sensory play (water, sand) and active play (swing, slide, bicycle, etc.)

    My kids have needed the worksheets for math, but not for most of the other subjects. They did enjoy the first and second grade science worksheets, so we used those. I used a few of the lower level language arts worksheets, but not often. My of my kids have happened to excel in language arts and reading, but find math more challenging. Yours might be different. Everyone uses the worksheets differently. Basically, your choices are to use all of them . . . use none of them . . . or only use them if your child needs more practice with the online lesson.

    We've used Time4Learning as our core for over ten years now. Over the years, I have added penmanship, journaling, free reading, arts and crafts, cooking projects, Time4Writing, SpellingCity, miscellaneous stuff I've found free on the Internet, and cheap department store workbooks. Very often, we just do Time4Learning. I add the other stuff for variety when I have time and when I feel like it.
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    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: 2nd Grade-a few questions...

    I too have a child in grade 2. We started out as relaxed classical homeschoolers and ended up here at T4L. Technically speaking, T4L is our core/spine (for easy documentation purposes, though it's pretty much a "fun review"), but I still give my son extras, as I prefer resources I put together myself over the worksheets available at T4L. I wasn't a big fan of the worksheets offered here, to be honest.

    We're also using:

    Math: Horizons Math
    LA/English: Learning Language Arts through Literature
    Spelling: Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills workbook + activities and a weekly test at Spelling City
    Writing/Journaling: a program called Just Write

    My son is an excellent reader and excels in math & science but is a struggling/reluctant writer. Everything I've tried in the past has led with him ending up in tears when it comes to writing, so we journal together to help encourage him to write and show him that he can in order to build his confidence about writing. I'll write to him in the journal and he writes back to me. Whatever we write about can be about school, a secret, a feeling, or about nothing much at all. As long as he is writing and seeing his skills improve, I'm OK with it.

    We read lots of books together aloud, both for fun and for learning. He also has a list of mom approved/assigned books (at and above grade level) he is working his way through independently. We have memory work we do a couple of times a week, along with a weekly poetry tea time. We do art & science projects for fun, including Lego building and modeling, molding, and sculpting with dohs. He is taking piano lessons. Because his favorite subject is science (and T4L's younger grade levels don't offer much of that), we also have a subscription we use at Mystery Science.

    Mostly, I try to allow him to pursue interest-led learning. We're currently traveling through time via the Usborne Time Traveler to study ancient history, because my son is very fascinated with ancient Egypt. Once we're done with ancients, we'll continue working our way through history.

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