3rd Grade Reading List Resources
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    Question 3rd Grade Reading List Resources

    Has anyone found the necessary books for free or cheap? I've been downloading kindle books as we go and wondered if there was already a list compiled of good places to find the books not provided in the lessons.


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    Default Re: 3rd Grade Reading List Resources

    Some of the books for the book-based lessons in the language arts extensions are out of print. I just skipped the ones I couldn't easily find, because the same concept is presented again throughout the program. You can look at the scope and sequence to see the point of the lesson. If my kids needed to, for example, map a story . . . I could have them do that with ANY story. The language arts extensions are older lessons. They needed to have some literature-based content, which is why some of the concepts are taught in the context of a certain book. The newer lessons (language arts) have a lot of that themselves, so I don't feel my kids missed out at all.

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