3rd grader struggling
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    Default 3rd grader struggling

    My third grader is struggling in the science. I feel that it has really been hard on him. I have moved him down to the second grade level however that is way too simple. I have a second grader as well and he finished the science and history part in 2 weeks. Is there a way that the science and history can read out loud to him as a way of helping comprehension. Thanks for the help!

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    My son loved science but he struggled with reading. That caused problems with his science school work. I downloaded an ereader program that helped him. You can google for them. Many are free. I can't remember the name of the one that we used. But it was a big help. Other times I simply read the material to him. I had to sit with my son to keep him focused on the material so it was no problem to read to him. Some people supplement with Science4Us. I've not used it myself but I've heard that it is a great program.
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